Relationship Between Gastronomy and Tourism
Relationship between Local Cousine – Tourism
The effect of Chefs, Tour Guides and Local Restaurants on Gastronomy Tourism
Tourism Strategies and Policies about Gastronomy
Strategies and Collaborations of Restaurants, Hotels and Guesthouses on Gastronomic Heritage
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List and Gastronomy Relationship, Sustainable Tourism Policies and Strategies of UNESCO Gastronomic Creative Cities
Improvement of Quality and Standards of Local Restaurants
Gastronomy Tourism , Couisine Heritage Policies, National, Regional and Local Development
Gastronomy Tourism Marketing
Expert Gastronomy Tourism Agencies and Tour Operators
Festivals and Competitions for Improvement of Gastronomy Tourism
Thought of Gastronomy Tourism of Local People
Luxurious Gastronomy Tourism
Tourist Satisfaction Level about Gastronomy Tourism
Gastronomic Heritage
Couisine Museums for Improvement of Local and Regional Tourism
Protection of Local Cultures from Field to Table and Lost Values
Gastronomic Destinations and Regions
Vineyard Destinations Tourism
Olive and Olive oil, Olive oil Destinations
Bay, Sea and Sea Ford Destinations
Trends of Gastronomy, Food and Tourism
Street Food
New Food and Tourism Icons, Bazaars, Innovator Ford Markets
The Role of Geographic and Local Marking on Regional Tourism Development
The Role of Social Media, Associations and Institutes in Terms of Gastronomy and Tourism
The Effect of Media and Social Platforms on Gastronomy Tourism Promotion
The Importance of Associations, Product Clubs and NGO for Introduction and Commercialization of Gastronomy Tourism
The Role of Institutes, Associations, Foundations, Universities and Gastronomy Academies on Improvement and Empowerment of Quality Food Tourism
Slow Food Movement
Gastronomy and Sustainability with the perspective of “Good, Clean, Fair”.
Food and Freedom
Terra Madre, Re-discovery of Local Food Routes